Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas

Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas Student Think Tank - Summer Internship

Student resumes are being accepted right now!  The Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas Student Think Tank summer internship program begins June 11, 2018, for all students who qualify!  To apply, send your resume to  This movement will change students’ lives! 

Financial education today has expanded content and delivery networks to levels never before seen. Access to online tools and resources for all learners has never been greater. But, the financial well-being needle in Florida is not moving.

There is still more work to be done.

There are challenges from a number of fronts. The current Florida education system has largely eliminated micro-financial management learning from existing school curriculum.  Parenting styles and family situations have evolved in society, resulting in a decrease in money management knowledge and skills being imparted to young family members.  Add the increasing use of credit over cash, direct deposit, and other technological advancements that have made monetary transactions less visible to the next generation. 

"All great Acts of Genius began with the same consideration: Do not be constrained by your present reality."

   - Leonardo Da Vinci

The vision of FPP’s Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas concept is to engage several teams of high-performing students from local High School National Academies of Finance (NAF) to generate creative solutions by looking at traditional financial problems from a fact-based approach. Who better to generate ideas than the very generation who has a direct stake in the outcome? 

The summer internship will be designed to:

  • Become the “think tank” to generate ideas to address the shortfall in Youth Financial Literacy/Education. 
  • Students, selected from several of the forty-nine (49) Academies of Finance in the state of Florida, will be called upon to consider the environmental, cultural and societal factors that inhibit transfer of learning to application to desired individual, family and community outcomes.
  • Students will formulate solutions during the internship with ideas intended to be presented and reviewed at the annual Symposium.
  • Students will engage with volunteer mentors throughout the internship and the Symposium. 

Further, the students, who benefit from unfettered ideation generated from inventive minds that may cut through the inertia of adult thinking, will be challenged to generate innovative concepts to address the greater poverty, financial stability, well-being and prosperity needs for Florida.

Together, the financial stability challenges in Florida can be solved by reaching and leveraging the coming generation with a new and lasting foundation for managing money in their lives. The vision of the Bright Minds, Fresh Ideas initiative can help make this a reality.  

To learn more about this emerging FPP initiative, contact Rob Sansome at