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Florida Prosperity Partnership Central Florida
Financial Stability Partners (FSP)

Helping hard working families create life-changing assets, beginning with savings.

In what way does FPP make a difference in Polk County?

Financial Education Classes

Delivered through United Way of Central Florida Income Partner agencies throughout Polk

County, these partners lead learning that assist clients with credit counseling or improving

credit.  Please call your local United Way for a list of our partners.

Matched Savings Program

Matched Savings is an incentive-inspired program to help individuals who have a desire to

purchase a home, achieve higher education, or begin a small business enterprise. Successful

applicants will set their goal and commit to making consistent, on-time deposits over a period

of between one to four years. Their deposits are matched dollar-for- dollar up to a maximum of

$2000. Program participants are assisted along the way with financial education and coaching

as needed.

Starter Savings Program

Starter Savings is for individuals who wish to learn how to develop a consistent savings habit

and begin building an emergency fund, a college fund for a child, or beyond. Link your personal

savings account from a participating financial institution to the EARN.ORG/FloridaProsperity

online platform (see list on the web site). Save just $20 per month toward your goal for six

months and receive your reward.

Free Tax Preparation Program

Free Tax Prep is a county-wide program supported by a team of dedicated volunteers who have

been certified by the IRS to prepare tax returns. The network consists of twenty-one locations

throughout Polk County, of which eight are UWCF Income partners, and four are operated by

FPP at locations such as Winter Haven Library, Haines City Library, Larry R. Jackson Library and

Family Fundamentals in Lakeland.

2016 Tax Results:

Number of returns prepared 1,110

Average income of tax filers $24,940

Total amount of tax refunds $1,742,360, or average of $1,570 per household

Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in serving your neighbors in the Polk County community by helping them

prepare their taxes, offering them basic financial guidance, and supporting them as they

connect to other available services, please contact Rob Sansome at

Rob@FloridaProsperityPartnership.org or (863) 397-0971.