Discounted Services

(For Paid Affiliates)  

  • Great discounts for the Annual FPP Training Conference. (Click Here for more information)
  • Brand Promise Stories allow you to personalize and present your story and promise to your audience 24/7. Utilizing the power of high-definition video, photos, hyperlinks, social media, tracking capabilities, and more. Brand Promise Stories begin that important personal connection and conversation when you can’t be there. (Mention that you are a paid FPP Member and get your own story for a major discount! Restrictions do apply!) 
  • National Association of Certified Credit Counselors (NACCC) offers self-paced certification programs for Financial Counselors.  Programs are approved and recognized by the industry, states, government bodies, and creditors therefore utilized by professionals nationwide and abroad.  Course curricula are based on an analysis of job competencies which meet industry needs. All coursework is application based which maximizes skill retention and on the job performance.  The certification exams are approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Webinars and seminars are available.  In 2017, an interactive online course will be available. FPP Members enjoy a preferred rate of $300 for the online course or $350 for the course including a printed copy of the Keys to Success manual, a valuable resource for counselors and consumers served by agencies. This is a $100 discount from regular pricing!  (Email Bill Mills for more information) 
  • Check back! There are more to come!