"How to Roll On a Budget"
Please click the movie poster to launch the film Please click the document to access the Discussion Guide 

Florida Prosperity Partnership Financial Capability Discussion Guide for Educators
  “How To Roll On a Budget” 
Director:  Gretchen Gutierrez
Film Run Time:  5 minutes, 21 seconds

Discussion Topic:  Guidance on Budgeting and Daily Money Management

Content Created:  2018

The film and Discussion Guide below serve as tools for Educators to stimulate conversation with learners to help build their Financial Capability knowledge and skills. 

Educators are encouraged to click to select the document below titled FPP Financial Capability Discussion Guide for Educators.  This PDF document contains a number of questions and activities designed to generate meaningful dialogue for learners before and after viewing the short film, “How To Roll On a Budget.” 

Lesson Length:  This lesson may be as brief as 45 minutes to address select Discussion Questions and Activities from the left column below prior to and/or after viewing the film.  The lesson may last as long as 90 minutes with in-depth conversations and learning activities derived from the left column below.

Lesson Target Age Range:  The lesson based upon the short film, “How To Roll On a Budget,” may be suitable for any young person in their early teens to early twenties, and into adulthood.   

Accessing the Content:  To access the Discussion Guide, simply click to select the FPP Financial Capability Discussion Guide for Educators icon to the right below.  To access the film, simply click on the movie poster below to launch “How To Roll On a Budget.”  

Questions?:  Please contact FPP@FloridaProsperityPartnership.org with any questions regarding the effective use of these learning resources.