How Will FilmFest Entries be Assessed?

Judging FilmFest submissions will be based on creativity, engagement, accuracy and suitability of financial content for students of varying ages--youth, teens, and young adults. Initial submitted content review will be performed by F5 Staff and volunteers prior to review by judges. Notification of acceptance into the 2019 FilmFest event will be made to all filmmakers on or around April 16 2019.

F5 Award winners (those who get to take home an “Effy”) will be announced at the 2019 FPP Financial Focus FilmFest, May 29, 2019! 

The F5 Panel of Judges

These talented individuals served as judges for the 2018 F5:

  • Andrea Levere, Prosperity Now, President
  • Lesley Mace, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Sr. Education Program Manager
  • Duilio Mariola, WUCF, Director of Production
  • Joanne Nguyen, Student
  • Declan Sheehy, The John & Mable Ringling Museum of Art, Associate Director of Development

Are you Interested in playing the role of a FilmFest judge at the 2019 event? Please contact the FPP planning team at FPP@FloridaProsperityPartnership.org to express your interest!