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Some Floridians experience disruption along their financial pathway—unemployment, health issues, a host of challenges—that lead to Crisis mode. Moving from economic Crisis to Stability includes a balance between assets, income and expenses. Economic Security is achieved when financial worries begin to subside and savings for emergencies or the future begin to accumulate. Economic Prosperity can also be part of the financial equation as Floridians thrive and entertain their dreams and desires. 

There are hundreds of organizations around the state that are working to make this happen. 

FPP offers online, local, regional, and statewide trainings for these organization's employees and volunteers. 

There are many opportunities for you to support FPP, its partners, and thereby the hard working families around Florida. Please review our current opportunities below:

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FPP 10th Annual Statewide Training Conference

F5: FPP Financial Focus FilmFest