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FPP actively partners with member agencies, giving them a bigger, more influential voice and increasing their capacity to impact their local communities so they may reach people where they live, learn, work, bank, start businesses, get healthy, receive social services and worship. 

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There are many reasons to join the FPP as a Paid Affiliate!

To name just a few...

  • A strong network of colleagues 
  • Share your logo on our FPP Members' Recognition Page - coming soon
  • Use of the FPP Member logo
  • Member-only discounts on professional development, FPP Annual Statewide Training Conference, customized training packages.
  • Discounted services arranged from other affiliates (Click here to see these discounts)
  • Networking and education opportunities from local, state and national organizations
  • Facilitation, templates, relationships, best practices, and tool kits for such statewide programs as Bank On Florida, Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA), and others
  • Train the Trainer classes brought to your area, for free, to boost the number of certified financial trainers available to your clients.
  • Posting your services on the FPP website and its affiliated sites such as,, and future planned sites.
  • Advocacy efforts with unified voice of more than 750 organizations about policy issues selected by the affiliates themselves.

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Annual Membership Fee Levels for the Florida Prosperity Partnership:

** FPP Annual Statewide Training Conference Sponsorships, 

BRONZE Level and higher, include complimentary annual membership **

$1,000 Bronze Level Sponsorship includes:

Annual membership 

One Annual Conference Registration

Recognition as a conference sponsor on cover of program and on conference signage/ website

Annual Conference Exhibitor Table

*** Funders of $1,000 will receive complimentary annual membership ***

Corporate Budget/Employee Size (for profit – per location)

  • Operating Budget from $1 - $100,000 OR 1-15 employees - $100
  • Operating Budget from $100,001 to $500,000 OR 16-30 employees - $200 
  • Operating Budget from $500,001 to $1,000,000 OR 31-50 employees - $400 
  • Operating Budget from $1,000,001 and above OR more than 51 employees - $750 

Non-Profit Budget/Employee Size (per location)

  • Operating Budget from $1 - $100,000 OR 1-15 employees - $75
  • Operating Budget from $100,001 to $500,000 OR 16-30 employees - $100
  • Operating Budget from $500,001 to $1,000,000 OR 31-50 employees - $125 
  • Operating Budget from $1,000,001 and above OR more than 51 employees - $175

Individual Membership

  • Individual Membership - $50