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Florida Prosperity Partnership and the Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network (FL TON) work together throughout the year to facilitate Virtual Sharing Sessions designed to offer “just in time” guidance and insight to help all members of the FL TON.

If you play any role in operating VITA or Free Tax Prep sites across the state of Florida, you are invited to join the next scheduled session. Register through the Learn with FPP link. Be prepared to actively engage in the learning conversation in these Virtual Sharing Sessions!


  • November 2018

    "Understanding ABLE Accounts and How They May Benefit Those You Serve"
    Slides | Recording

  • September 2018

    "Conscious Empathy, Education and Breaking Poverty Cycles"
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  • August 2018

    "Using Data and Mapping for VITA Planning"
    Slides | Recording

  • July 2018

    "Helping You and Your Clients Avoid Identity Theft"
    Slides | Recording

  • March 2018

    "Promising Practices: Serving the Needs of Clients With Low Literacy, With FL TON"
    Slides | Recording

  • January 2018

    "Accessibility and Marketing for Your VITA/Free Tax Prep Site"
    Slides | Recording

  • November 2017

    "Tax Time is Right Around the Corner!"
    Slides | Recording

  • October 2017

    "Encouraging Tax-Time Savings"

    Prepare + Prosper and Center for Economic Progress have been working for years to improve tax-time financial capability programs. Recently, they partnered together on an evaluation of their tax-time savings measures and shared their findings in this virtual session, accessible by this link below:

    The Prosperity Now Taxpayer Opportunity Network team released a training toolkit designed specifically for helping VITA volunteers talk about savings at VITA sites. The toolkit comes with videos and worksheets that can be integrated into volunteer training. The toolkit is accessible by this link:

    The Center for Social Development created a communications and resource guide for tax preparers, titled The Volunteer Income Tax Preparer’s Toolkit: Showing Clients Why Tax Time is the Right Time to Save, to help encourage clients to save a part of their refund at tax time. The resource guide is based on findings from the Center for Social Development's Refund to Savings (R2S) experiment. The toolkit also provides evidence from other national tax-time savings demonstrations and offers insights from five different VITA sites’ experiences in operating tax-time savings campaigns.

    CA$H Maine developed a volunteer training manual for working with volunteers, including the CA$H Maine Intake Form. The Intake Form is used to collect data about tax customers, and as a tool to identify challenges and goals that provide a conversation starter to talk about savings, financial coaching/classes, and other programs and services. The Intake Form allows the preparer to focus on taxpayer needs and goals rather than appearing to "sell" programs and services to the taxpayers. As an FYI, the CA$H Maine program refers to its asset building volunteers as Opportunity Guides.

    CA$H Maine Intake Form Volunteer Training Manual

  • September 2017

    "Best Practices for Attracting VITA/FREE Tax Prep Volunteers"
    Slides | Recording

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